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Readers' Answers, 2-13-2002

Welcome to our readers answers section. Every week we get one of our readers to answer 10 questions. They are always the same questions and the answers prove most interesting. We also state whether the person answering the questions jumped or was pushed ( did they offer to answer the questions or did we have to approach them.) This edition the questions were put to our British commander, Mr Tony Jones of Cheltenham……….who Jumped

1. How long have you been interested in Southern Heritage and its preservation.
A. Only a few years

2. Are you actually involved in Southern Heritage and its preservation ?
A. Yes

3.Do you believe their will EVER be another attempt at Southern Independence ?
A. You bet

4.Name three people, apart from generals and well known figures, who you believe should be honoured as Southern heros ?
A. William L. Knight, 3rd Alabama Inf.
Henry W. Feilden, CS staff
Anthony R Jones, CSAE British commander

5.What has been your most memorable moment in preserving Southern heritage ?
A. Finding my first CS grave site

6.What was the worst comment ever made to you about your support for Southern Heritage?
A. N/A

7.How many CS gravesites have you visited in the last year?
A. Due to transport difficulties I only managed to get to Capt S. Winthrop’s grave site in Painswick

8.Do you believe that Georgia should have her flag re-instated ?
A. Yes, immediately

9. What do you like best about our newsletter ?
A. Good question, but its not the editor for sure, I’ve heard he’s not every woman’s dream

10.What do you like least about our newsletter?
A. That’s a hard one.

Well…..some good answers there, Tony, and some rather interesting ones too.. Please remember, if you fancy letting our readership know what your answers would be, just mail me and you could be next….don’t be shy now .

However…back to our commander. For those of you who have not been in touch with our commander before, let me tell you that he is very much a ‘hands on’ commander who is heavily involved and committed to Confederate grave site research here in the UK, and else where in the world if his assistance is needed. He is also actively involved in fundraising for this project and has on more than one occasion funded CSAE purchases and activities himself. Like myself, he is utterly committed to Southern Heritage and its preservation. A photo of Tony appears on the last page of our newsletter

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February 13, 2002

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