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Racism, My Stand Against It

the man who tells it as it is

Racism is often seen as literally a very clear black and white affair, white people being discriminating towards those who are black. Even though this is racism, there are many other variations, such as black on white, asian on hispanic, etc. And in many cases racism is found where it doesn't exist at all. Some people just seem determined to find disharmony where disharmony doesn't exist.

Recently I came across what I consider to be an appalling case of racism. It concerns Rep. Keven Cox of Oklahoma, who recently stated that the Cherokee Braves flag was racist. A remark like this is racist in itself. Without consulting my files and just off the top of my head, I believe that 10,000 Cherokees fought for the South. Perhaps this is why this person believes that the flag is racist. But, again from memory, I think that 5,000 Cherokees fought in blue. Or maybe, the good Mr.Cox just don't like Cherokees.

So.......what can be done when people make remarks like this? I believe it says a great deal about the man. So this is the stand I take with such people. I show my disapproval at the ballot box, and I suggest you do the same should you be in a position to.


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February 10, 2003

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