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(the man who tells it as it is )

Once again, I am asked to contribute to this newsletter of the CSAE, and it makes a change not to have to review one of John’s or Tony’s books! So if I am not going to review one of their publications, what am I gonna do? Well…….lets consider a few live issues.

You may think that’s a strange term to use …’live issues'. Let me tell you why I use that term. Some time ago, when people were strongly campaigning for a return or preservation of the true Georgia flag, some people wavered and said that the flag was a dead issue. Well let me tell you something ..there is no such thing as a dead issue, only dead hearts. An issue is alive as long as people are there to fight it. John Collier had his ‘issue’ with the customs & courts rejected FIVE times before he was finally successful in getting duties and taxes removed from gravesite marking materials. Don’t be fooled into thinking the Georgia flag is a dead issue, or any other issue you wish to fight for. Issues that are not kept alive are considered as being dead by the powers that be who can make a difference. So remember there are no dead issues, only dead hearts

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April 24, 2003

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