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JOHN BLACKFLAGG ( he tells it as it is )

Hi…..I am pleased to be back doing yet another article for those fine chaps at the CSA-E.

Have you ever thought about this? If a country was fighting for its independence against a ruthless aggressor and was so determined to keep fighting that it kept going even when in ruins and the population were beyond breaking point, who would be supporting it? The answer is everyone …especially groups like the NAACP, who would be demanding that this country be supported. In fact, I can’t think of many groups who would not support this country. If the media of today with all its technology had been available in the 1860’s I am sure that support for the South would have been even greater than it was. Remember that Father John Bannon got all but official recognition for the South in his European travels of 1863-64. Imagine if he had been able to show to the civilized world the terrible war crimes committed in Missouri, for example?

Today we can make sure that the sacrifice that the South made is never forgotton . A quarter of a million Southern servicemen dead, what greater sacrifice could a nation have made?
Racist. How often have we been called that? That’s people who support Southern heritage. I have an interesting theory, and that is, there are no racists! Only people who haven’t researched their genealogy. I have full genealogy on two of my grandparents, and a substantial amount of info on the family history of the other two. Two of my g-grandparents came from families where names like Abraham, Issac and Hester were common……………so what does that make me?……………..part Jewish.

My advice….look into your own family history.

John Blackflagg

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April 15, 2002

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