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( the man who tells it as it is )

Have you ever noticed how these days there are lots of groups within our society who like to celebrate , promote and actively encourage their philosophy or way of life? They do this in several ways, such as promotional printed matter, parades, style of clothes etc. We are talking of all groups within our society. ButÖ.the only group under attack are those who support Southern heritage. Why is this? I believe itís because these people who attack Southern heritage are afraid, afraid of all that is good and decent. A lot of people with Ďalternative lifestylesí, or those who belong to other groups, know that their feathered nests would be under threat if Southern heritage gained more support.

Let me explain myself better in a couple of examples. Some people within the NAACP are very wealthy men. But, would they still be wealthy men if they didnít stir up their hatred with anti-Confederate propaganda and gaining the financial contributions of brainwashed supporters? Also without being too graphic, what about those with repulsive alternative sexual preferences ? These groups are very much afraid of those with decent morals because decent morals are all they stand against. Yet, it is we, who support Southern Heritage, who criticise other groups the least but are under attack the most. This is because Jefferson Davis had it right when he said, "We just want to be left alone."

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September 15, 2002

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