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JOHN BLACKFLAGG's Contribution
( the man who tells it as it is)

First of all, let me say how pleased I am that John Collier has recovered so well from his recent attack. However.....what John hasn't mentioned was, that he was attacked while trying to arrest the thief who stole a handicapped persons wheelchair. John found himself then being attacked by a local resident, who attacked John so the thief could make his escape. The man who attacked John was 72 years old. We hear so many bad things about the young these days, but criminality and other sins like bigotry and racism, knows no boundaries, certainly not age.

Enough of such things.........I want to refer to the Gettysburg address, I heard it today, spoken in a most emotional tone and with great feeling.This short speech WOULD have been the most touching and soul searching piece of writing ever written, it COULD have been the greatest and most moving of all works COULD have been WOULD have been ..........but it isnt ..........because its a lie. The man who wrote of all men being born equal was one of the worst racists the world has ever known. On many occasions he spoke of slaves in the most demeaning of terms and he made it clear many times that he believed the black man to be very much his inferior. He was totally against non whites serving on juries or being given the vote and had no wish to abolish slavery. And when he did actually abolish it( where he had no jurisdiction), not a single slaves was freed.

Widely regarded as 'America's greatest president', those of us who support Southern heritage and those of us who have studied American History based on proven facts and contemporary accounts, know the truth. And there is little truth in the Gettysburg address.......a most moving and emotional work..................of fiction.


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