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Yes, that’s right, its by our very own JOHN COLLIER, the editor of this newsletter. This is the only book of its kind in the world. It does not go into detailed biographies or mention countless facts that you can get from any library or 20 minutes on the Internet, (Is that a rarity or what !) It’s a work that describes the gravesites and locations of soldiers, sailors, politicians and others connected in the war of ’61, who are buried in either Britain or Ireland. Most of this information is available nowhere on Earth. And John got much of the information from descendants who had previously spoken to no one.

A lot of thought has gone into its production. It’s been designed so you can carry it around with you and refer to it frequently, whilst looking for gravesites. .Also JOHN has intentionally made it so the cost is within everyone’s budget. The reason being, that he doesn’t believe that these gravesites should be kept as a secret ,”The more people know about these sites the better, that way more people will visit them and in turn the sacrifice of these brave men will never be forgotten”. Also, those who are involved in research themselves will find that John has left scope for further investigation.

I could say a great deal more, but I will just mention two final points. Firstly, John assures me that the vast majority of the profit from this book will go towards providing gravemarkers for these brave men ( and women),and finally I believe in FIFTY years time, people will still be using this book as the number one reference work. People will be searching graveyards getting nowhere and saying “Take another look at the book, see where we’ve gone wrong’’. Friends discussing the war in the early hours will take the book off the shelf and say “Let’s see what Collier says.”

My advice is, don’t buy a copy of this book ……but two ,one for your library shelf and a second one you don’t mind getting dog eared, for carrying in your inside pocket around gravesites.


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February 15, 2002

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