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Napoleon once described Marshall Ney as the ‘bravest of the brave’. When we think of the soldiers and sailors who fought for the Confederacy, we also think of that term ‘bravest of the brave’. But, who were the bravest of them all. It’s impossible to compare one man’s heroism against another’s. We all have our own view of what takes courage and nerve.

I would have been proud to have charged the Yankee defences at Franklin, or pursued Jennison’s criminals with Quantrill’s Missouri company. I would have been honoured to have fought hundreds of miles behind enemy lines with Capt Young in Vermont or to have fought with the Georgians at Burnside’s bridge. BUT…there’s one thing I couldn’t have done! I couldn’t have gone out in that submarine ( CSS Hunley)!!

I can’t imagine anyone having that much courage. We all have our own opinions of what courage and heroism mean and consist of, but for me, the bravest were the men who went out to sea in the CSS Hunley. I can’t imagine anyone having that much faith..truly the bravest of the brave.

If they had survived, they would have become living legends, honoured where ever they Went. Today, we are giving them the recognition they truly deserve, recognised, not just for their undoubted bravery, but the part they played in world ( not just Confederate) history



We have had tremendous support from all over the world! This has been in the forms of physical and financial assistance, aid in research and support from well wishers and even from government bodies. Support has come from people in all walks of life . Our commander has given our thanks to these fine people in his contribution to this newsletter. The correspondence we receive is over 100 to 1 in support of our activities. There are Confederate gravesites here in Britain that would not have markers besides their graves if it wasn’t for the support we receive. I have literally lost count of the markers that we have placed but they are all recorded in our files and also on the databases of the UDC and the SCV. In the CSA-E we don’t keep our research or information to ourselves, the preservation of Southern Heritage is the only concern we have.

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