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The Commander’s Page

Welcome to our friends, both old and new, and the many supporters that have heard of us one way or another.

I would like to thank everybody who sent us donations throughout the last year. You have made our job a lot easier, and we can now get more veterans gravesites marked. When we can find no others to mark, we shall then attempt to get the gravesites that are in need of repair repaired. We shall be looking to you for your help in making this all possible.

A personal thank you goes out to Mr. G. Lewis, of New Bern, North Carolina, for his donation to our marker fund of $10.00. Also to the Southern Partisan, in South Carolina, for helping to get our name and goals out to all the various people that have never heard of the Confederate States Allied-Europe. Thank you.

A personal thank you goes out to all the SCV Camps that have in some way helped us, and those Camps which saw us as a worthwhile cause, and have joined us as Associate members, such as: The Joseph B Kershaw Camp #82, in South Carolina., and not forgetting: The Captain William Mc.Kinney Irion Camp #1799, in Oregon. This shows that they have faith in us and what we are trying to do for Southern Heritage here in the United Kingdom.

Our many supporters throughout the whole of Dixieland who have donated the much needed CWV markers (Confederate War Veteran) and the grave marker flags to be placed in the grave markers, we are truly grateful to you all.

And to the editor of the Joseph B Kershaw Camp, Joseph. You alone have earned the greatest of praise for everything you have done for the members of the CSA-E, and I personally salute you.

And to. the lady in Devine, Tx. Thank you for your very gracious donation of grave markers, and for allowing us all to become friends.

And let us not forget our flag manufacturer, who is also an Honourary member of the CSA-E Mr. J. Davis, (What a great surname!) of Cartersville, GA. We are looking forward to seeing the first flag of the CSA-E. The next flag to be made shall be that of the Russian command.

And we must certainly not forget Mrs. Taylor, of Oregon, for setting us up with our very own website, thank you very much. And, Mr. A.Jay Skii, of Va., for supplying some very good flag designs. Both the 2 above people are Honourary members and good friends.

I would also like to thank my two European Cmdrs, Stanislav Zenov, of the Russian command & Max Popov, of the Ukrainian command for their loyalty to the CSA-E.

And we can’t forget my Adjutant/Editor, etc., etc., John Collier. Without him the CSA-E might never have taken off. Glad you were there, John.

We have our own Research Officer in Arkansas, Jess N. Bons, II. Because of his great help, he was enrolled as an: American National Member of Dixie. Keep up the good work, Jess.

If 1 have missed anybody out, please accept my apologies.

April. April has been nominated as the month that the CSA—E have chosen for Confederate Heritage Month in Britain. April has been chosen for a couple of reasons, the first being: April l2th, 1861, the firing on Fort Sumpter, and the second: The same date has been used to signify the official rebirth of the CSA—E.

On April 15th, the flag of the State of Georgia will be flown from the flag staff on the Cheltenham Boys College premises, in honour of a Confederate Veteran, Col. H.W.Feilden. who attended this college way back in the mid—1800’s. His life consisted of Military and exploring the world. It is because of this that the college granted permission for the flag to be flown. I thank them for Confederates the world over. THANK YOU.

Someone had shown some interest in us from Devon, in the UK. But as yet, no reply has been. received in reply to my communication to the person, who by the way, his surname was, Hampton, ( a W.Hampton). Is the Southern Gen. checking up on us?

I would now like to thank Mr. David Bromwich. of the Somerset Studies Library, in Taunton, Somerset, UK, for allowing a file to be kept on the CSA-E....THANK YOU.

Mr. Modder, of Painswick Cemetery, thank you for your very kind help, in respect of Captain Stephen Winthrop’s gravesite.

It is now that I have to end on a sad note. Someone that I had never got to meet, but only talk with on the phone, passed away on Febuary 7th. 2002, from serious burns received while at the American Museum in Bath, England, UK. The horrendous accident happened on the morning of September 9th. (From what 1 have been told) 2001, on the campsite that was being used by American Civil War Re-enactors. The accident occurred when a camping stove that he was using, exploded in his face, and smothered.his body in flame. His name was: Graham Goodland. He was a member of the lst Arkansas Infantry CSA.

Rest-in-Peace Graham.

And this so ends the Cmdr.’s page for this, the first year of the

We now look forward to this year and the following years.

Cmdr. Tony Jones. British Cmd.

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April 15, 2002

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