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The Commanderís Page

Once again, I bid you all welcome.

Quite a few of you have heard what I have tried to do for Confederate History Month in Britain, but for those that have not, I will share this with you:

I had contacted the VA HPA, and had some 'I SUPPORT CONFEDERATE HISTORY MONTH' stickers sent over. These stickers did not last long, and had to get some more, which I did, and they were sent out to various European countries. Some did not reply, Russia replied and so did Belgium and I would like to thank all that replied and thanked me for sending the slickers. We can try this again next year.

I had also tried to get the (real) Georgia flag flown from the Cheltenham Boys College here in the United Kingdom, but sadly, it was badly timed. The death of the Queen Mother was being held in the month of April, which meant that the Union Jack was being flown at half-mast in mourning for her. But, everything being well, Iíll try and get it flying next year.

Another flag could well be flying by next yearís Confederate History month, only this time in the County of Devonshire, and the flag, the unofficial North Carolina state flag, flying in honour of Brig. Gen. Leventhorpe, CSA.

The Confederacy's only Englishborn general, came from Exmouth, in Devon. I would like to thank the following people:

Mr.Lionel Howell, for taking on the search for Gen. Leventhorpeís history in the area, and for hopefully allowing the NC. flag to fly.

Also, the Headmaster at the Cheltenham Boys College for allowing the flag to fly, even though on this occasion it did not.

Thank you to our newest member Bill Morris who declined position of Administration Officer due to health reasons.

An Alabama SCV Camp said that they would like to donate $50.00. to the CSA-E for the fine work that we are doing. Wyatt & Larry, thank you. .

I have been told that a California SCV Camp has made us a large donation of $200.00. Thank you, Gentlemen.

I would also like to give a very heartfelt welcome to our newest SCV Camp members in South Carolina, your membership details will show that you have earned the highest position that an American can have. That is: The American National members of Dixie. This is for all the much needed information that you have got for us and the donations of one sort or another. Thank you.

And lastly, the CSA-E British Command now have their flag. My thanks go out to Jeremy Davis; flag maker for the CSA-E in Cartersville, Georgia.

Until next time, my friends,

Cmdr.. Tony Jones CSA-E.

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June 12, 2002

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