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Today in Europe many people remember their family's sacrifice in the war of '61. In almost all, ( if not in fact, all), the countries of Europe, monuments to the Confederate sailors and soldiers can be found. Perhaps no where more than Britain, has this been researched. Along with Tony Jones, I have been investigating as many CS gravesites as we can get leads for.

Southern Heritage Preservation in Britain consists of more than gravesite location. We are aware of how in America certain groups and individuals would like to see the end of all things Southern. Here in Britain we offer our support to Southern Heritage preservation everywhere.

Here in Britain, Confederate flags fly without controversy. Our market traders often fly full size flags at our open markets. They fly besides CS graves, of course, and I have even seen them fly on the top of flag poles at our colleges and schools. How sad to think that at the moment there are cases of youngsters being attacked for wearing clothing that bears the image of a Southern hero ,or even for just carrying a book on a Southern personality.

The Southern flags we see stand for the sacrifice of the Southern people in the war of 1861 ,and even since then . At times, it appears that certain groups and individuals believe we should be ashamed of either being Southern or supporting Southern Heritage preservation. If these people believe that, they will have a long wait.

Men like Generals Lee, Jackson and Forrest are not just Southern heroes they are world heroes ,and the voyages of ships like the CSS Shenandoah are still marvelled at today.

Its my belief that people will support Southern Heritage and its preservation as long as people believe in the right that Southerners had in the 1860's,the right to Independence. The story of how the South left the Union in peace and was then subject to diplomacy at the point of a gun is well known. Do not make the mistake of believing that outside America we have been fooled by all the anti-South propaganda, because we haven't . We know what is right .

It has been said that Confederate flags & symbols belong in museums. Should that ever happen they would not be in the museums long before someone claimed they found that offensive too. You can just imagine that every year there would be a spoof re-enactment in which the South would be portrayed as clowns or buffoons, because this is what the enemies of the South would like to see happen.

The greatest victory for the South since 1864 was the flag vote in Mississippi. Two-thirds of the people who voted in that state wanted to keep their flag ,a flag that had a clear connection with that state's part in the war of the Southern Confederacy . This victory will act as a great stepping stone towards the fight for the recovery of the flags that were lost……or perhaps stolen would be a more suitable word.

By John Collier

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14 July 2001

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