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Vol. I no.8


Welcome, once again to the newsletter of the CSAE, one of the most respected groups in America & Europe today, for what we do to locate and mark all the graves that belong to Confederates, both British, American, and, indeed other nationalities that are buried within the UK. Our commands of Russia and the Ukraine are doing their share of searching with CS graves being located in both countries. Keep up the good work, guys.

Staying on the subject of CS graves, I would like to thank Mr. Bob Jones of Liverpool, England for bringing to our attention the grave of two young girls from the state of Georgia, CSA, who both died of diphtheria while their father was away in the states on business for the CS government. The names of these two girls are Mary Troup Wily and her sister Linda Wily, who died in 1862 & 1864 in Liverpool. The girls’ father, Augustine Wily, was a merchant for the CSA, who would have left his children quite often to pursue his trade of acquiring supplies for the war effort. Perhaps someone can help me. What happened to the parents? Did they both go back to Georgia? Or did the girls just come over with their father? And, if so, where was their mother? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

After contacting Bob Jones, in Liverpool, about the graves, I asked if it had been marked with some kind of marker other than a stone. It seemed not, so I asked if he’d mind if I try to find out about a marker for their grave. I suggested that these girls could probably be classed as ‘Children of the Confederacy ’,seeing as their father was working for the CS. The idea was accepted, and I worked at trying to contact the ‘Children of the Confederacy.’

I would like to thank Patricia Buck, for leading me in the right direction, and Miss Elizabeth Huffer in Va. for her help, thank you, ladies. My next contact was with Mrs. A. T. Williams of Alabama. Thank you for your assistance, Alice, between us we might be able to get the marker that’s needed for the Wyly girls' grave, keep up your good work.

And now, for two visits from two different people. First, Ralph Green of Dallas TX, called in on me and my wife. Ralph and June, it was a pleasure meeting you both and I hope you enjoyed the rest of your vacation in England. I shall be waiting to see what you have to say about your visit in the next edition of the ‘Rebel Rouser’.

The next visitor to call on me, was John Collier. All this time, we have been writing/e mailing and talking on the phone, ever since the very first day he contacted me after he saw an article in a newsletter on the stars and bars. Thursday, 20th June, was the day that I got to meet my English friend, and adjutant, and he didn’t come empty handed! He had with him 48, 12 by 18 in. grave marker flags of the finest quality I have ever seen! These flags were donated by the SCV Camp #82 ( Joseph B Kershaw) of Camden, SC. Thank you, to Joseph Matheson for bringing these flags to Britain, and giving John the flags so he could give me half.

Well, John, now that you have met me and seen my abode, was it all that you expected? Thank you for coming, my friend. Perhaps one day, I can return the visit.

The CSAE British Command now have their flag, all 4’ by 6’ of it, and we will be looking forward to displaying this flag at the next dedication that the CSAE can get together for. Perhaps for the Wyly sisters, with the UDC and Children of the Confederacy in attendance. Perhaps, who knows, we’ll have to wait and see.

And now, John Collier’s book AMERICAN CIVIL WAR GRAVESITES IN GREAT BRITAIN & IRELAND.. this has to be a must for anyone wanting to visit any or all of the graves mentioned in it. The proceeds go towards the further orders of grave markers that are needed. At only $6 a copy, can you really not afford to buy a copy?

Go on, excel yourselves, buy a copy……. or two, and know that the money goes towards providing a Confederate grave here in Britain with a marker.

And now, comes my little surprise I too, have brought out a book, but a book of Southern poems. Some of you will have heard some of my poems before as I have read them out over the phone. And.. some of you may have copies of some of the poems but not the book. The book sells at either $5 or £5, a quick mention goes here, to Ethel Taylor for her help. I hope you will support me as much as you have supported John’s book, and next month full details of both will appear on our www site.

John Collier and myself have been given an honour that not many people can claim. We have both been made honourary members of the Guardian program, for our work in Britain locating and marking CS gravesites. We have both received the certificate and pin that accompany this honour. I cannot find the words to describe further how I feel about this honour. I think I can speak for John, too, when I say that we would both like to thank both Joseph Matheson for putting our names forward and Mr. E. M. Clark, chairman of the Guardian committee. Thank you so very much for this honour.

The CSAE now has a total of 5 commands with the acceptance of both Patrick Ramskindt of the French Command and Max Horemans of the Belgian command. We say, WELCOME, gentleman, and long may you be a part of us.

The CSAE are to be accepted as honourary members of the Mobile, Alabama HPA and they are to be made honourary Members of the CSAE. In addition to the membership list we have as a member Jim Bazo ( alias “President Jefferson Davis”) of Ontario, Canada who has been given the highest member’s position in the CSAE. That is Honourable President of the CSAE. We welcome you, Mr. President, and hope that we can all work together as one.

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August 15, 2002

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