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Commander's Page

To all our friends and supporters of the CSA-E, welcome once again to another month and another newsletter.

To begin with I would like to bring up the Alabama Volunteer Corps belt buckle/plate, for it's three fine and important letters, A.V.C.. These three letters have been adopted by the CSA-E and will stand for the following meaning: All Veteran Concern. Uniforms of the CSA-E can now wear either the 'CSA' or 'AVC' buckle on their belts. And, as someone that has adopted Alabama as my State, I am truly happy that it was accepted so well.

But it could have gone to Virginia instead, with 'VA' standing for Veterans All, so it was a close run thing.

And now, to Col. Horemans of our newest command, Belgium. Col. Horemans has had his rank updated to: Col.1st.class for his hard work, CONGRATULATIONS.

I would now like to thank two Dixie friends, one in Rock Hill, SC. and the other in Devine, TX. for sending me some stickers for my newly painted flag wall, and one in particular I think says it all, 'Heart of Dixie'. These two fine people are: Charles E Park & Priscilla Squires, thanks again.

A big thank you to Joseph A Matheson, Jr. of Camden, SC. for the flag- rings. As soon as 1 can make them fit, the British Command flag-staff will be complete and ready for showing.

Apologies, I had almost forgotten to mention our newest English member, Mr. Brian T Smith, who lives in St. Helens, Lancashire. Brian has been taken on as Lt. Researcher for the CSA-E. Welcome, Brian.

I am able to say that I am still the agent for two of Dixie's finest bands, if that's the right word, The Rebelaires, from Ga, and The Unreconstructed, from Ala.. Anyone interested, can contact me @( uk) & ( Use the same addresses if you are interested in my book 'Confederate Rose - English Rose. If you like Poems from the heart, you will need to get a copy or two.

And now, this was mentioned before, but I just had to mention it again. The certificates given to John Collier & myself by the 'South Carolina Division Sons of Confederate Veterans, Declares Anthony R Jones & John Collier, Guardians for the Devoted Care and Protection of the Confederate Soldier's final Resting Place. Deo Vindice!

Finally, for all you tobacco chewers out there: What do you all have in common with Star Wars? For the answer: contact one of the addresses on this page.

Until Next time, friends
Tony Jones
Cmdr.-in-Chief, CSA-E
Nritish Command

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September, 2002

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