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number 2 ,volume 2

Hello, and welcome to our latest newsletter. Here in Britain Southern heritage and its preservation continues to be actively supported.

Due to some fine research by our Commander here, (Tony Jones), and other parties such as John Lewis, of the General staff of the Blue and Grey, some more Confederate gravesites have been found. They are now on our list to have markers placed at the sites. These include EDWARD St. MAUR, a member of the English aristocracy who was commended for bravery at Fraziers farm in Virginia (1862. His recently found gravesite in Maiden Bradley Wiltshire is a major CS gravesite find for us here. Other Confederates and supporters of the Southern cause have also had their gravesites found during the past three months.

Full details of these and other information is available on my latest work available only on CD-Rom entitled AMERICAN CIVIL WAR GRAVESITES-UPDATE , which is available for 4 or $6 from:

John Collier
8 Lisvane Avenue
YO12 5 LU

For UK orders just send a cheque made out to JOHN COLLIER, for orders from America please send the correct amount in banknotes to the same address.

This newsletter is somewhat late, due mainly to the fact that I was attacked here in England. I was attacked by someone unknown to me .This had nothing to do with Southern heritage or my support for this. I have now recovered and am actively planning our next gravesite dedication here.

I have also acquired a new PC and it may take me some time before I find my way around it and all the new software. No doubt our newsletters will improve in format and quality once I am more at home with my new acquisition.

I hope you find something of interest in this our latest newsletter.

John Collier.....newsletter editor

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