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CSA-E newsletter

Volume 2 , number 4


For the second year running, April has been our CONFEDERATE HERITAGE MONTH in BRITAIN, and what a month it has been! Confederate flags are flying here in Britain in towns, at colleges and besides gravesites. Also gravesites are being located and investigated with tremendous progress being made, but more of this later.

It is with great sadness that both British and American casualties are being reported from the war in the Middle East. Some countries have decided not to send troops or support the forces now in Iraq, more of this later too.

The CSAE and its members are committed to supporting Southern heritage both here in Britain and in America, and should our support be needed, we give our support to Southern heritage issues anywhere on the planet.

On many occasions, Tony and I have contacted American politicians and officials by email and regular mail giving our support to Southern Heritage issues. When opposers of Southern Heritage, and neutrals involved in things considered 'controversial' get our mails and comments they realise that issues they thought were local or at the most American are in fact becoming international issues. Or to be more accurate, matters of 'rights' because we who support Southern Heritage have rights too. The human right to honour our ancestors who died fighting for independence for their land.

Have you ever wondered how everybody SEEMS to have rights but Southern Heritage supporters? Can you imagine any other group within our society getting such a hard time over their symbols and banners? Yet no one has a more honourable heritage than ourselves. We donít make unreasonable demands, we don't advocate violence, our heritage organizations by both actions and deed have taken a strong stand over racism. In short ...we are the good guys.


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April 24, 2003

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