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Book & CD Review
By John Collier

There are a lot of Cds and books available these days that have the American Civil War as their theme. One of the few negative things that are levelled at them, especially the music CDs, is that they are all very much a much of a muchness. This cannot be said though, of the book and CD package available from Dave Tollerton from Merseyside, England.

'Songs of the Alabama' by Tales of the Sea and its accompanying book 'American Civil War Heritage Trail in Liverpool' tells the story of the CSS Alabama and the connection between Liverpool and the War. Far from being a compilation of well known Civil War songs and music, the CD can best be described as a 'Nautical White Mansions'. The actual CD itself is suberbly presented, and had it been produced by a larger company and mass marketed it would certainly have had the same appeal and success as 'White Mansions'.

The accompanying book by 'The Crew' with its 31 images, many of which have never been published before, is well produced and contains much information that will be new even to those whose main interest in the Civil War is naval matters.

There is very little that can be said against the package and much to be said in its favour. It is exceptional value at 12 for UK orders and 13-50 for overseas orders. This price includes P&P.

Orders can be made by contacting Dave Tollerton on 0151 260 4188 during the day or during evenings on 0151 933 4992, his mailing address is:

L20 5BJ

Or better still ,give him an email on

Did I buy it ? don't need to ask.


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February 10, 2003

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