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If anyone wishes to donate or contribute to a CS grave marker for those buried here, it costs $14.50 to place a CS grave marker here. That is the cost of its purchase. This is about ten pounds sterling. The markers are ordered special from America.

If anyone wishes to contribute to the markers DO NOT make your checks out to John, as they cannot be cashed. You can either:
a) send John the money in banknotes included in a letter, (not too safe).
b) Send an International money order. ... or
c) Send a check made out to ' MICHAEL S. BENNETT'
as he is the supplier of the markers and he of course can cash the checks.

If any of you would care to make a small contribution, your assistance would be mentioned at the memorials, and the surviving descendents, notified, with your permission. Your name would also be listed on the Roll Of Honour on the CSA-E website. Also, a further large memorial is planned for July 2003, when it is hoped the repaired gravestone of Lt. I S Bulloch, of the CSS Shenandoah will be re-dedicated. Any contributions towards this can also be made to John Collier.

But... whether you contribute or not, you are always welcome to contact John or Tony for more information on the CS soldiers and sailors buried there, should any of you be especially interested. Anyone can have copies of the photos John has of CS graves here, also photos of the memorial to Comm. J D Bulloch mentioned earlier. Should any of you come to Britain, he will let you know where the graves are in the area you are staying, and personally show you those in his local area.

If you would care to donate something, personally or as a group, please contact either Tony Jones at or John Collier at They will also be happy to answer any questions you may have and tell you more about their project.

There is a new CD Dedicated to Those Who Fell, 1861-1865 Check this out, you'll be glad you did.


Currently, CSA-E in Britain is working on some fund raising projects. The profits will go toward financing the CW markers for the grave sites. Please check out the projects listed below. Your support will be greatly appreciated.

Tony Jones is taking orders in the UK for tapes and cds of two Southern Musical groups. A percentage of the income for selling the tapes/cds of these musicians goes to purchase the CW markers. See this page for music available. There is a downloadable order form for you use. Stop by their websites also, for a visit.

The Rebelaires Band

The Un-Reconstructed Band

CONFEDERATE STATES ALLIED EUROPE, BRITISH COMMAND, proudly announces books written by our two new authors, Commander Anthony Jones and Adjutant/Newsletter Editor John Collier! Check out the new books by Tony and John


Confederate States Allied Europe, British Command is currently in the process of developing advertising pages for Southern Heritage Commodities. Ads for your products will be placed in this section, and the Ad fees will go toward the purchase of CW markers. For information on placing your ad, Contact the Webmaster for details.

NOTICE: Tony Jones and John Collier grants that this information and data may be used by non-commercial entities, as long as this message remains on all copied material, for personal and genealogical research. These electronic pages cannot be reproduced in any format for profit, can not be copied over to other sites, linked to, or other presentation without their written permission. Copyright exclusive to Tony Jones and John Collier.

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