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Southern Heritage in Britain at all time high !

Southern heritage, and its’ preservation, is at an all time high here. But, before I tell you more on this, let me just say thank you to John Blackflagg for his contribution, which for this edition gets pride of place. In fact, John’s contribution is some of our readers favorite part of the newsletter. He has quite a following . John contributes to our newsletter on two conditions. Firstly, he will not enter into correspondence with anyone, and, secondly, if Tony or I reveal his identity, our tongues will be ripped out and fed to ravenous birds!

This edition, we have so much to tell you about the progress here, its hard to think of where to begin. Our CONFEDERATE HERITAGE MONTH was a huge success, with Southern heritage being promoted nationwide and several gravesites visited. We have received just two contributions since our last newsletter, but these were both record breakers. Firstly, Stephen Halcomb of SCV Camp #1770 ( Capt. J I Waddell) Orange Co. CA, sent us the largest ever donation we have ever received, This was on behalf of the California Division SCV. This donation was so substantial that we have been able to place another order of grave markers and put some money towards the impending restoration of the gravesite of Lt. I S Bulloch ( CSS Alabama & CSS Shenandoah) in Toxteth, Liverpool, which will hopefully be completed by July 2003. The Camp was already on our ‘Roll of Honor’, now we shall add the names of both Stephen and the California Division of the SCV. Our sincere thanks go to our Californian supporters.

Our other donation was another substantial one, and it was handed to me personally. Joseph Matheson of the SCV Camp #82 ( Joseph B Kereshaw) of Camden Co. SC, on behalf of his camp donated 100 ( ONE HUNDRED) grave marker flags. Joseph also brought with him some valuable research and a Tennessee flag to place at the James Weadley ( Pvt. Co E, 2nd Tenn. Inf.) memorial stone in Scarborough, North Yorkshire. A battle flag was also placed. We sincerely thank Joseph and the Camp he belongs to .Joseph and his Camp shall also be added to our ‘Roll of Honor’. To see our Roll of Honor go to our www site at .

Joseph Matheson and John Collier

Also 4 grave markers were placed in just 2 days. This included 3 on one Mad Monday in May when I visited West Yorkshire and visited 3 sites that were close to each other. One of these shall be our featured memorial this edition. It is to two West Yorkshire brothers Christopher and John Whitaker in Bingley, Yorkshire. Christopher served in the 5th Texas Infantry and John was with Terry’s Texan cavalry.

But for once I shall not go into detail because…………. More information on this memorial ,and many ,many more can be found in my book just published called AMERICAN CIVIL WAR GRAVESITES IN GREAT BRITAIN & IRELAND. John Blackflagg reviewed it earlier in the newsletter and I am hoping it does well. It will only be available from myself initially as I am handling both the sales and the distribution. The book is priced at $6 for American orders or £4 in the British Isles, price includes shipping . Checks can be sent to me at;


For orders from America, checks in American dollars are to be made payable to ‘MICHAEL S. BENNETT’, As for orders from Britain, checks in pounds sterling are to be made payable to ‘JOHN COLLIER’. A substantial part of the money received will go towards buying more CS grave markers for Confederate servicemen buried here.

The book ‘AMERICAN CIVIL WAR GRAVESITES IN GREAT BRITAIN & IRELAND may also be supplied in multiple orders ,again price includes shipping. They make great presents or small raffle prizes

10 copies of the book can be bought for £50 in American currency or £30 for UK orders.

Even if you do not wish to purchase the book ( but I hope you will), you can still help by getting Southern Heritage supporters, SCV Camps and friends to advertise it on their www sites and newsletters. Just by doing this, something that will cost you NOTHING ,you will be supporting Southern Heritage preservation here in Britain.
Also please remember that it costs only $15.00 to place a CS grave marker at a brave serviceman’s grave here .All contributors are mentioned to surviving descendants and at our dedications. Checks in US dollars can be made payable to our grave marker supplier ‘MICHAEL S. BENNETT’. These contributions can be sent to either Tony, our commander or myself. Our addresses are


We can also be emailed and we promise to answer everyone . Our email addresses are and

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June 13, 2002

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