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My thanks go to Tony and to John Blackflagg for their contributions. Since our last newsletter, much has happened. The greatest thing, on a personal note, is that Tony and I were honoured with the Guardianship that Tony mentioned earlier. An OBE or knighthood would not have meant so much to me. I can think of no greater honour to be given. I sincerely thank all concerned.

Thanks to the “General staff of the Blue and Gray”, a small but dedicated group here, meeting the cost IN FULL ( IN FULL, mind you!) of a renovation. The grave of Llewellyn Saunderson in Ireland has been attended to and given a much needed clay dressing by the ground staff of the cemetery. My thanks go to Neville Wantling and his group for their substantial payment. Overleaf will appear a photo of the grave site prior to the dressing, in our next edition we will show you a post-dressed image.

Llewellyn Saunderson was on the staff of Gen. Fitzhugh Lee. How pleasing it is to know that another gravesite here, believed lost for almost a century, has been restored.

There is a bit of a misconception that the CSAE’s purpose is to locate, and mark, CS grave sites. This is not correct. When Tony and I thrashed out the aims of the CSAE, we both agreed that the number one aim was to promote Southern Heritage, in Britain in particular, and world wide in general. We both believed that grave site marking was the most positive aspect of this. We both believe in this passionately. My ancestors fought in gray for Independence for their own land, and I will not let their sacrifice be forgotten, or have them referred to as criminals.

One of mom’s relatives lies in Higginsville Confederate Cemetery in Missouri, the UDC and SCV tend his gravesite. I feel that by tending CS graves here, my ancestors’ sacrifice will not be forgotten. By tending sites here, I am making sure these men are honoured, as is my relative in America. Those CS servicemen buried here include brave foot soldiers that no one will ever have heard of, and GREAT CS heroes like John Bannon. My only reservation, is that sometimes when cleaning a CS headstone, I sometimes feel “I am not worthy to do this”.


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August 15, 2002

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