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CSAE Newsletter
Volume 2, Number 1

Welcome to the latest newsletter of the CSAE. For two years, now our newsletter has been produced by me, on my dinosaur of a PC. All that changes as of next week when my slightly more updated version arrives. This newsletter is coming out just a little early as I have to prepare for the new arrival. As a temporary measure ( at least) I can be contacted on . This web based mail will be a make –do measure during the transition, and possibly beyond. Still, enough of my PC arrangements.

Over the last two months, sales of my book have enabled two orders of grave markers to be placed, and I await their arrival as I write. Also the FAMILY HISTORY MONTHLY magazine, printed in the UK, but also available in America, gave my book a very favourable review ( OCT edition). This has caused another surge in my book sales. My two follow up books, MORE AMERICAN CIVIL WAR GRAVESITES OF GREAT BRITAIN & IRELAND and CONFEDERATE GRAVESITES OF EUROPE are also selling well. You will be able to read more on those two works later.

We live in a world where we often find ourselves the victims of prejudice and bigots, and even an odd bit of name calling ,which is annoying and frustrating at times as I consider us ( Southern Heritage supporters ) to be the ‘good guys’. My feelings were even more inflamed recently when I heard about the case of Horace Sutherland and his good lady wife here in England. The Sutherland’s don’t know me but I know them, such is their good reputation. They are responsible for the raising of five figure sums for good causes and have been CS re-enactors for many years.

At a recent event, the organiser raised objections to Mrs Sutherland’s wheelchair and forbade her to take part in certain activities. This has caused an enormous amount of upset for the couple, who are now leaving re-enacting after many years. I cannot comment too much on the matter, as it has become a legal issue. However, I feel I would be failing in my role as editor if I didn’t let you know that prejudice and bigotry is something we have to fight over here, too.



Today, in 2002, Southern heritage and its preservation is under attack even though researchers and historians are revealing the truth at last. But, what will the situation be in 2010?…or 2020?……or even 2050 and beyondddddd? Cross my palm with silver as I gaze into my crystal ball to the year 2095

…I see a schoolroom in a Southern State the children are aged 8 and 9 and the class is about to begin. The teacher speaks, "Over two centuries ago, we had the great war for freedom, when our glorious legions in blue defeated the barbarians and bandits who tried to steal part of the country for their own. Our great leader, who defeated these criminals, was even murdered by them. It is even alleged they had their own fearsome war cry, and songs. Our great political leaders at the beginning of this century banned these songs and today their main song ‘Dixus’ or Dexar’ or something has been completely forgotten. No one remembers the tune and only a few very old men claim they can still remember a few words."

Or will the teacher address the class and say "Over two centuries ago a great struggle took part in our country, and today, we will discuss how a quarter of a million Southerners died in an attempt to gain Independence for their own land. People are more enlightened now. When my grandfather was a boy, at the beginning of the century, people were so narrow minded and bigoted then, that some people were even banned from singing ‘Dixie’. That’s right, children. There’s no need to look so puzzled, people actually tried to stop people singing a tune that we all sing every day now. It was a funny old world back then…….."

My crystal ball is fading and we’re back in 2002. But, which version of the future is the true one? Well ….I guess that’s down to us.


This is our tribute to Gov. Barnes, the man who was so instrumental in removing the Georgia flag. Our tribute is the recipe for Gov. BARNES pancakes. First of all, you steal some flour and eggs…..

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September 15, 2002

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