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Many of you will already know our commander as he is in communication with many of our members and supporters personally, but how many of you realize just how committed he is to preserving Southern heritage here? I can tell you now that he supports it to the point where it is almost a fulltime occupation and also he has put an enormous amount of his own personal finance into various projects we have had as well as an enormous amount of his time. And for all this, you have my sincere thanks and respect, Tony.



Here in Britain, we have many dedications and gravemarking ceremonies planned for 2003 and beyond. Partly due to some very important sites being found, and partly due to sales of my books, which have increased our funds substantially, therefore enabling us to purchase more markers.

We are very pleased with the way the CSAE has expanded. We have several other European commands, a virtual Confederate States of Europe.I would like to see Southern heritage and its support increase substantially over the next few years. By 2010, I would like to see a Confederate embassy set up here in Britain, as Southern heritage has many supporters here. Support for Southern heritage here is also supported world wide.



The CSA-E policy on racism is very straight forward. We oppose and condemn racism in all forms and unreservedly, BUT...we fully appreciate that racism exists in all races and that all races are at some time victims. We do not accept that certain groups or races are incapable of being victims.


CSA-E Members Books

First of all, let me mention Tony's poetry book, Confederate Rose-English Rose. Most of the poems have a Southern theme, and some people have doubted that a non-Southerner could have written them. I am a fan of Tony's poems and recommend his work as does our correspondent (the sometimes controversial) John Blackflagg .For more details please e mail Tony on which reminds me, please do not use any other e address to contact Tony on at present.

As for my books, they continue to sell quite well and several universities and colleges in America and Britain have purchased them for their reference libraries. Details of these books and how to obtain them will be included with this newsletter.



There are two sides to every story, and two sides to most things. An example being, I have been described as both 'A great Confederate historian' and 'As mad as an inbred dog'...I believe one to be a slight exaggeration and the other a great one. But I'm not saying which is which.

Seriously though, there are two sides to most issues and beliefs. Its my own belief that Southern heritage supporters are always ready, if not eager at times, to hear the other point of view .Yet others who do not support Southern heritage tend to be very blinkered and bigotted, the very things they would accuse us of being.

In its simplest form that even a small child could understand.....I believe we are the good guys. I have found Southern heritage supporters to be amongst the most knowledgeable and enlightened of people. Which, in a way, reminds me of when I started re-enacting. I have always been able to have a go at answering any question asked by a member of the public, with the exception of the first question I was ever asked. 'This Civil war in America ...well ..what happened ' !! Now, where was I to begin?

This though led me to think, how could I describe the war in one sentence? Well, it can't be done! But, I can describe how I feel about the war in one sentence .......that sentence is .........



Please feel free to contact either Tony or I on the following e addresses

TONY JONES (Commander) .............

JOHN COLLIER ( treasurer and newsletter editor) ..


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