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I thank our commander for that Forward, which yet again shows the way forward.

Since our first newsletter a great deal has happened. The most noticable being our new www site at .

We have received some donations and contributions and those who have been so kind as to support Southern Heritage preservation here have had their names placed on the ROLL OF HONOUR at our www site. Two people have been of such great assistance I feel they just have to be mentioned here also. They are MRS PRISCILLA SQUIRES of the CSA-HPS of Texas, who has really taken a passionate interest in our grave marking activities here and whose contribution can only be described as 'substantial'. Someone else who deserves special merit is Ethel Taylor, also of the North American continent, who has given us tremendous service in organizing and producing our www site.

Our grave marking activities has seen markers placed to both John Tallentire and James Weadley. This would not have been possible without the financial contributions we received from America. In the near future, we hope to be able to have placed markers to Col R A Smith of the 10th Miss Inf, and Capt S Winthrop of the ANV, as well as having the gravestone of Llewellyn Saunderson, ADC to Fitzhugh Lee, restored.

But……..we are not just restoring gravesites here, we are active in making sure that people here realise that our CS ancestors were honourable men and not the criminals that groups like the NAACP would have people believe.

About 2 months ago, I heard of a work, ( whose title and author are unfit to be mentioned here), about a fictitious America where the South had won the war. The America it portrayed was very racist and was a place where women were subdued. Apart from being nonsense and offensive, it was also pure fantasy, only fantasy with a sick edge….Then I thought, what if the South HAD won? …The way the future would have gone is pure conjecture, but is my version more likely to have been the result than the work of the author previous referred to ?….Have a read of my 'post war prediction' and let me know.

1864- After two great victories on the outskirts of Washington, the North sues for peace.
1865 - Charles Jennison and Jim Lane hung for war crimes in Missouri.
1866-The countries of the world follows the Confederacy's example and bans International slave trading.
1869-The native Americans who supported the South are given their own state, theirs for all time, never to be taken from them.
1914 -World War avoided as America has shown how different states can live in harmony on the same continent
1933- The worlds largest statue is dedicated outside Richmond, it is 200' high and depicts a white man and a black man in CS uniform stood together.
1941-Japan does not attack America, as Europe is still at peace, and besides, war with the United States would bring the Southern states to her defence.

The chances of this happening are in my opinion far greater than the events mentioned in 'that other work'.

For updates on the CSA-E and its activities, please visit our www site

JOHN COLLIER, editor CSA-E newsletter

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August 19, 2001

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