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Gravesite location, research and preservation has been very much at the fore this month. In Scotland, Bill Brown has been working extremely hard with his family and friends, tidying the site of Charles Murray who was both a CSA Captain and a blockade runner. The site, which is a huge stone monument, had become covered in undergrowth and really needed this work. A marker has been provided to go besides this superb monument, and hopefully once the area surrounding the site has been made presentable, the marker will be placed. Bill is not a CSAE member, but like Tony and myself is a SCV member and a strong supporter of Southern Heritage.

Cliff Hoy, our latest member has visited the gravesite of William L. Knight, a veteran of the 3rd Alabama Infantry. This veteran appears on rosters as a private though his gravesite names him as a Captain, possibly this was a veterans group rank. As a result, the site has been photographed and the photo shall shortly be available for you to see on our www site. Cliff also hopes to visit the gravesite of Burley Bennett, a CSN officer and secret service operative .

Lord St. Maur, who served with honour beside Gen. Longstreet at Fraziers Farm, will hopefully be honoured with a marker in early June provided the appropriate arrangements can be made in time.

We are also very close to finding the gravesite of a Georgia private whose existence only became known to us recently. He was Matthew Hall of the 42nd GA Infantry. We know the area he is buried in, and by searches of the nearby cemeteries proving negative, we believe he is buried in the one remaining churchyard in the parish. A plaque in honour of ‘The Lees of Virginia’ has also been located near Shewsbury. Jack Short, a blockade runner buried in Watchet, Somerset will have his gravesite and home visited in June and, providing permission is granted in time, we shall honour him with one of our markers too.

Ever heard of Point Lookout ?….Of course you have. And you will have heard of all the brave men who died there. Not all were Confederate soldiers, some were blockade runners. Paying with their lives for bringing essential supplies into the South.

So…as you can see we are busy with our grave marking activities, and as long as we are alive we always shall be.



Last year, the true Georgia flew at the Cheltenhan boys college in Gloucestershire in honour of an old boy who fought for the South. This year, the flag of NC will fly in Exmouth in honour of the service of General Leventhorpe, who had connections with the area. This is due entirely to our Commander contacting parties in the area. Initial objections to flying a flag were overcome. Our thanks go to Mr.Howells, a local citizen, whose help was greatly appreciated in getting the flag flown.


A re-enactment took place this Easter weekend at Fort Paull near Hull in Yorkshire. This is not something I would normally comment on, but whilst selling some of my books at the event to raise funds for grave markers, a man came up to me and said "You must be one of those CSAE guys.".when I said I was, he insisted on shaking my hand and said he agreed with all we stood for and that he loved the www site.

I took some video footage and still images of the event and all these are on a CD which will be sent FREE with all future orders of my books. For details of my books just go to our www site at

Remember my books are only £4 (UK) and $6 (America) and that sales from these works funds CS grave markers here

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We are happy to hear from you on any matter, every email sent gets a reply. Also we don’t believe in censorship either. When someone places critical messages in our www guest book we don’t take them out. I still find it highly amusing that one very Politically Correct ‘lady’ described me as being as mad as an inbred dog (!!)


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April 24, 2003

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