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HISTORY ….the truth ?

Do you recall me saying how the victors write the history but the truth will come out ? Well, here in Britain, as well as Southern heritage, I am interested in Family History. Last week, a man wrote to me asking if I could help him trace his Confederate ancestors. They were:

JOHN FAIRFAX.…Moseby’s Co. NC Art.

Nothing unusual about that ………except they were all black. I do not know how many black soldiers fought for the CS, but it is an interesting part of Southern heritage. And, as we’re on the subject of colour …would I judge a man by his colour? The answer is, YES! I am a re-enactor and I judge a man by the colour of his shell jacket or frock coat.

Remember that YOU, too, can help honour CS servicemen buried here. Any contributions you make go directly to providing CS grave markers. Please make your checks payable to our grave marker supplier …MICHAEL S.BENNETT, and a check for just $6 gets you a copy of my book with 87 CS servicemen mentioned as well as over 60 others. There are 39 images in the book. Just send your $6 check made out to MICHAEL S.BENNETT, to me:


If you mention you saw the book mentioned in this newsletter, I’ll pay the postage for you! If you want to use the book for raffles or other prizes, there are attractive discounts for multiple orders. Just email me on .And remember to email Tony if you like Southern poetry. His email address is . Tony is not just a poet either, He gave me tremendous help with my book, even though I provided most of the initial leads. It is because of his research that many of the precise sites are known.

One day last month, I was given the details on where SEVEN CSS Alabama sailors were buried. This shows you that we need grave markers, and lots of them. Tony and I are making Britain and its’ cemeteries into a monument to Southern heritage in its’ own right. So please try and help contribute.

However….both Tony and myself know, that in America, especially, you have your own causes. You are constantly under attack, sometimes physically (!) and we expect you to put your own projects first. Please remember, if you do wish to contribute to make out your checks to MICHAEL S.BENNETT our grave marker supplier, he can cash American checks and we cannot.

If you have ever contributed to the grave marking here, either by buying my book or by an ordinary donation, Tony and I thank you for your help. If it weren’t for people like you, groups like the NAACP would …..well, what would they do? I’ll tell you this, if it weren’t for people like you and I supporting Southern heritage, there would be no Southern flags of any description, ‘cause some jack-ass politician would make them illegal. If we didn’t support Southern heritage, CS uniforms would be seen once a year in spoof re-enactments, where the Southern soldiers would be portrayed as buffoons. All Southern artifacts would be put in museums and then the museums would close. But….support for Southern heritage continues to grow and our ancestors, and the cause they lived and died for, will not be forgotten.

There is one last point I would like to mention, a very important point…….


Surely, a point of being in a ‘union’, is that all states are treated the same! Georgia only wants the same opportunity that Mississippi had. Make NO mistake, the people of Georgia have had their flag STOLEN! Understandably, they want it back. Why cannot Georgia be given the same right as Mississippi?

John Collier, editor
John Blackflagg, correspondent

John Blackflagg feels so strongly on this matter, he insisted I put his name to this back page, too!

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August 15, 2002

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