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Lincoln Statue for Richmond ?

There has been a lot of debate recently about whether a proposed statue of Abe Lincoln should be placed in Richmond Va. There have been arguments for and against with even some SCV members saying that the statue should be erected. The pro statue people feel that Mr Lincoln was a part of the war and that reconcilliation should mean that his statue can be placed in Richmond. The anti statue people feel that Abe Lincoln's statue would be inappropriate because of his actions during the War of '61. My own personal belief is that there are some elderly people in Richmond whose grandparents died in appalling conditions whilst in Yankee captivity, certainly something that Mr. Lincoln had some responsibility in, and for that reason I personally believe that the statue would be best placed elsewhere, preferably in some Northern city. Certainly not in the UK, either, as we have three statues of him here already.

The contributors of this newsletters were asked if they thought the Lincoln statue should be placed in Richmond. They voted of their own free will and gave due consideration to all the facts both for and against. The choices were Yes or no. This is their opinion

JOHN COLLIER.....................No


TONY JONES..........................No

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February 10, 2003

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