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Anthony Jones on left and John and Barb Collier on right


Here in the Uk there are many CS grave sites, but most were unknown until recently. To start with, I found there were a few sites that were well known and their location was virtually common knowledge. Others were suspected of being buried here. These were checked with the local records where they were suspected of being buried. BUT..most were unknown or lost. What I did was put a few feelers out, so to speak, and quite a few different individuals had details on one or even two sites.

Ships rosters of CS commerce raiders listed many crew men coming from the UK and their town of origin. These names could be checked with the details on burials in their home town. Other names of known British participants were put up on the family history notice boards. Several people got in touch saying they knew the location of their ancestors final resting place. People are e-mailing me almost daily with information . Difficult cases I pass on to Tony Jones who investigates them in depth by writing to the local government offices in the geographical area concerned. This has also given us the locations of numerous sites.

IF, any one wishes to donate or contribute to a CS grave marker for those buried here, it costs $14.50 to place a CS grave marker here. That is the cost of its purchase. This is about ten pounds sterling. The markers are ordered special from America.

We have three in place at the moment with another three due to be placed shortly. Also there are some CS gravesites here in need of restoration.

IF anyone wishes to contribute to the markers DO NOT make your cheques out to me as they cannot be cashed. You can either :
a) send me the money in banknotes included in a letter
b) send an International money orderÖ.or
c) send a cheque made out to ' MICHAEL S. BENNETT'
as he is the supplier of the markers and he of course can cash the cheques.

Remember $14.50 will place a CS gravemarker at a CS gravesite in the UK, and we shall mention the fact you contributed ( no other details) to the surviving decendants and at the memorials.


This is John Collier with two cheques, one from Parcelforce and the other from HM Customs who charged me duty and tax on the gravemarker flags that are placed on CS graves here. I questioned their right to do so, and after five unsuccessful appeals ,(all internal affairs by HM Customs) they eventually agreed to repay me and be more 'considerate' in the future. This was after intervention by my MP ( US=congressman ) and a cabinet minister ( US=senator), just before the matter went before an Independent court.

The HM Customs affair is over and I consider this to be a complete victory, for the rights of ALL war veterans buried overseas. But, there are many CS graves here awaiting gravemarkers, feel free to contribute towards their placing, further details can be obtained on request. Remember this isnít a huge fundraising effort, $14.50 (£10) places a CS gravemarker at a Confederate soldiers grave. The fact that you contributed will be mentioned to the surviving decendents. Others have already contributed, and I thank these people sincerely for their positive and practical help. The names of all contributors (with their approval) will be added to the roll of honour at the CSA-E www. site. The CSA-E actively searches for CS soldiers/sailors graves in the UK.

CS servicemenís graves are in many countries, including India, Australia and there are even sites in Africa..................the sun never sets on a Southern servicemanís grave

John COLLIER....9 Aug 2001

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