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Yes we do …we need your help! The main way you can help is by financial contribution. Checks payable to ‘Michael S. Bennett’ can be sent to John Collier at 8 Lisvane Avenue, Scarborough, N. Yorkshire, England, YO12 5 LU. All monies go towards grave markers for CS servicemen. That’s 100% of your contribution. Each marker costs $15.50, and all contributors are mentioned on our ‘Roll of Honour’. The fact that you contributed is also mentioned at our dedications and to surviving descendants.

But, there is another way you can help. Here in the UK we are actively researching CS burial sites, but there are three at the moment that we are making no progress with what so ever. Believe me, we have tried EVERYTHING! So, perhaps you know something we don’t. The three men who have us foxed are:

MICHAEL MARS, seaman, CSS Alabama. The location of this man’s gravesite is needed as he is to be nominated for a ‘medal of honour’. Originally, he was believed buried in London, but the original researcher now admits he made a mistake. Sadly, not before it got into every reference book available. I do know that he died in America in 1891 …but where? Can you help ?

Col. James DUFF, 33rd Texas Cavalry. We know he died in London in 1900, but where? We cant find him. Do you have any ideas?

Capt Charles Ambrose McEVOY, CSN. We suspect he died in Codicote in Hertfordshire, England in 1905, but all our investigations have drawn a blank. Have you any information ?

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April 15, 2001

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