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Other Matters

Behind the scenes at the CSA-E we have quite a few ongoing matters. We continue to support Horace Sutherland in his case against Event Plan and others. For those who cannot recall the matter, Horace and his wife have contributed for many years financially to worthy causes as re-enactors. But, they now find themselves discriminated against because of Mrs. Sutherland's need of a wheelchair. This would be bad enough, but Horace has done all but triple somersaults to reach a compromise.

Tony Jones, our Commander here in the UK, has had tremendous success in gaining permission to have flags flown in various locations during our Confederate Heritage Month. More details on this can be found in the Commander's Contributions section. If you received this newsletter 'on-line', this will be added on our www site within a few days.

We welcome as members PHIL & JAYNE OLDEN of the West Point Sutlers in Birmingham, England. I can personally recommend them, and I can say that I have always been happy with their goods. They are the only retailers in the UK to stock my books on the gravesites here (my decision). In fact, the books can only be bought off myself or West Point Sutlers. The West Point Sutlers can be found at most of the ACWS and SoSkan events. I believe that they have the finest selection of period music of any Sutler trading in the UK today, and from what I can gather, their 'speciality' is in stocking original period items, though they do have a very comprehensive selection of goods. Their store is situated at 21 Edgewood Rd., Rednal, Birmingham, B45 8SB, and their www site can be found at:

If you fancy having a CSA-E uniform, they can also supply one of these too.

We still have books and CDs for sale. These books are on the gravesites here, and poetry, mainly with a Southern theme. For details of these, just take a look at our www site which also contains all of our previous newsletters. The site can be found at:

you can also email either Tony or myself on :



Our reporter JOHN BLACKFLAGG, a man who values his privacy, in his unique diplomatic way said his e-address is:


On a serious note, Tony and I guarantee to reply to every email we receive no matter how complimentary or insulting.

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February 10, 2003

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