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A "Providential Experience"

This is how one of our Commander's poems was described when it was read out in Alabama recently. Dr John Eidsmoe read it out in front of about 70 fine people and the reading received quite an ovation, according to Mrs. Patricia S. Godwin one of those attending. The poem was 'O Alabama' and was read out at an event to commemorate the secession of Alabama and its declaration of Independence.

O! Alabama

0! Alabama, let me see the Flag of the right,
the secession flag, of eighteen-sixty-one.,br>
Let me see the dark blue field, of Alabama's sky at night,
let me also see Bonnie Blue flag, and it's golden star,
for Independence, now and forever is what you are.

Alabama maiden dressed in scarlet,
show honour and virtue,
don't keep it a secret.

You're the queen of this land,
protect it with the sword in your hand,
I'm no threat to you, for Alabama, I'm true,
you call for my help, and for Alabama, I'll stand.

Queen of my State, and queen of Dixie,
blue for the sky, and blue for the sea,
when the enemy gets close, restrict their entry.

On the reverse side is Alabama's cotton,
if you have come to steal, you may well have forgotten,
there's a rattlesnake on guard here,
it's no myth, he's big, and he's real,
don't get too close or you'll hear him say.
. "Noli Me Tangere."

So, Alabama, you're proud and you're true,
I'll do my duty,
and I'll die for you.

By Tony Jones

Copyright 2001-2003
February 10, 2003

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