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Genealogy wise, the Quantrill family has always been a small one, only 2500 people have ever been called Quantrill, or any of its accepted spellings. 90% of the worlds Quantrills either came from or are still in Norfolk County, England. All the Quantrills are connected.

The first Quantrill came to America in 1770, the most famous Quantrill being William Clarke Quantrill ( 1837-1865) of Quantrills Missouri Company. Much has been written about him and his unit, and questions how well they served the Confederacy. But, did you know that in Missouri 4000 guerillas kept 60,000 Federal troops off the battlefield ? Not just criminals in blue uniforms like Jennison's followers, but crack units of the Federal army like the Colorado cavalry.

In our next newsletter, I shall tell you the story of William Clarke's full cousin Thomas Clarke Quantrill ( 1847-fl 1940). Thomas, by chance and accident was involved during, before and after the assassination of Abe Lincoln in a fascinating part of history that will almost certainly be new to you .

As for my interest in the Quantrill family, my gg-grandmother, Rosetta ( 1843-1917)was the last person in my family to die who was born a Quantrill!

Roll of Honour or Hall of Shame ??????????

Since the last newsletter, we have received contributions from several supporters. Without their help, we could not have placed ANY CS gravemarkers in the past two Months. For their support, we thank them, and their names appear on our ROLL OF HONOUR on our www site. However, if we had received just HALF (h-a-l-f) of all the contributions we had been FIRMLY PROMISED, we could have repaired every CS gravesite in Britain that needs attention and placed markers at every single site in the UK !! Then our project would have been a huge monument in itself to SOUTHERN HERITAGE, something that we could have shown to the world. Every CS gravesite investigated, repaired, marked and maintained. A project in many ways as important as any ongoing today. But……as I said only a fraction of contributions promised have ever materialised, therefore on our www site you will see a new page …THE HALL OF SHAME….. This contains the names of every individual and organisation that has PROMISED help and then done nothing! We are talking of several individuals and at least three organisations. Please take a look at our www site ,………….hundreds do.


This newsletter's featured gravesite is WILLIAM McNEILL WHISTLER, a surgeon in the famed Orr's rifles. His gravesite has only been discovered due to some excellent field work by the British Commander, this research is, I believe, his finest.
His more famous brother painted the celebrated Whistlers mother, but what can we tell you about William McNeill Whistler ?…a keen oarsman, a man of medicine, a surgeon in a crack Confederate unit, a hero of the Bloody Angle.

After the war, he became a surgeon in London, a very distinguished one too. He lies buried in Hastings, England, though because of redevelopement, his gravestone, one of the best preserved in Britain, has been moved a few feet from its original position. Surgeon Whistler also looked after the Federal prisoners at Libby prison.

He was born in Lowell, 1836,and died in London of influenza in 1900. He is buried next to his beloved mother.


Well….did you look on our www site for the Hall of Shame?……..If you did, you will not have found it because it doesn't exist…….but if you thought you'd find it, did you expect your name to be on it ?

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October 15, 2001

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