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Tony Jones, Commander, and John Collier, Adjutant/Newsletter Editor

CSA-E Presents

The BRITISH COMMAND of CONFEDERATE STATES ALLIED EUROPE proudly presents itís two new authors! In this day of attacks on all phases of Southern Heritage in the United States, two young men in England are strong supporters of Southern Heritage, not only in their country, but around the world.

Commander Anthony Jones, of Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, and Adjutant/Newsletter Editor, John Collier of Scarborough, N. Yorkshire, have published books to help with their project. These young men research, locate and mark the graves of Confederate veterans in the United Kingdom. Included in their research are politicians and a few Federals.

These men, for the most part, were British subjects, who went to the United States, enlisted and fought on their respective sides during the War Between The States. After the War, they went home to England or Ireland and other countries in Europe to live out their lives. Some were Southern American supporters who could not go back home, for fear of their lives. Some of the dead were sailors on Southern ships, such as the C.S.S. Alabama.

Commander Jones is an accomplished Southern Poet. As an Englishman, who has never been to the United States and the South, he has the heart and soul of a true Southron. His first book of poems has been published and is available for purchase from the general public. His poems will touch the hearts of Southrons everywhere. His second book of poems is currently in the works.


25 Southern themed poems. The book sells at £5 (UK) or $5 (US) and Tony can be contacted at to discuss payment and shipping. His mailing address is:

Anthony Jones
21 Barbridge Road
Hestersway Estate
Chelten, Gloucestershire

Adjutant and Newsletter Editor, John Collier, has published three books containing details, photos and locations of graves of 281 Confederate Veterans, 27 politicians, 50 Federal Veterans. This is the culmination of several years of research and locating W. B. T. S graves from various tips and clues from a number of sources. If you had an English (or American) ancestor that fought during the United States War Between The States, and you canít find him, perhaps he is listed in one of these books. It would be a good source to check out. These books are only the beginning, there are over 400 said to be buried there, and more in Europe and around the world. THE SUN NEVER SETS ON A CONFEDERATE SOLDIERíS GRAVE!

AMERICAN CIVIL WAR GRAVESITES OF GREAT BRITAIN & IRELAND Details of 87 Confederates, 27 politicians and such and about 50 Federals. There are 25 images
Cost: $6 (US) or £4 (UK)

Cost: $5 (US) or £3 (UK)

CONFEDERATE GRAVESITES OF EUROPE Details of 150 Confederates and their supporters, 27 images.
Cost: $6 (US) or £4 (UK)


These three books are now available on CD-Rom ,the quality is really good and also up-to-date material has been added.As before most of the money raised goes towards veterans grave markers. The price for these CD-Roms is:

$ 5.00 for US orders

£ 3 for UK orders

10 euros for European orders

Payment arrangements are as with the books ,UK checks make payable to JOHN COLLIER, US checks make payable to MICHAEL S.BENNETT.

Payment can be in dollar bills sent to:

YO12 5 LU

A fourth work by JOHN COLLIER is available. It's called 'AMERICAN CIVIL WAR GRAVESITES-UPDATE'. Its only available on disk or CD-Rom, the disk is £2 or $3 and the CD-Rom is £3 or $5.

Also, the first few copies of the CD-Rom AMERICAN CIVIL WAR GRAVESITES OF GREAT BRITAIN & IRELAND were produced with a page missing, BUT, with these CD-Roms comes a free download for the missing page! As a result, if you want one of these, they are only £2 or $3 !!!

Payment of dollar bills in a letter have always arrived, but if you prefer to send a check, make them payable to :
'JOHN COLLIER' for UK funds
'MICHAEL S.BENNETT', if your check is made out in US dollars

Michael Bennett is the US supplier of the Civil War Markers used for the graves.

All checks are to be sent to John at his home address given above.

There are two new books available from John Collier on the subject 0f Civil war grave sites ,they are

‘Lost Gravesites of the Civil war’………..this covers the gravesites that are here in Britain , but their exact location is unknown , often despite a lot of information being available. This work is available as either a book or CD-Rom………………….£3 or $5

‘American Civil War gravesites of Yorkshire’……….its suprizing just how many gravesites are actually in Yorkshire . Like the other new work it covers all the latest information and gravesites not covered in earlier works, again available as either a book or CD-Rom
………………….£3 or $5

For orders from the UK, please make cheques payable to JOHN COLLIER

For American orders , please make checks payable to Michael S. Bennett , or send dollar bills to

8 Lisvane Avenue
N. Yorkshire
YO 12 5 LU

For orders from other countries please write to John ,or email on

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