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CSA-E Newsletter
Vol. 1, No. 7


A few weeks ago, some children from a nearby senior school were breaking windows everyday by stone throwing at two empty houses opposite where I live, so I wrote ( a very polite letter) to the principal who told me there was nothing he could do, as the kids wouldn’t listen to him and they just did what they wanted. I was not happy with this response ,so I wrote again. Only this time ( but still being polite ), I told the principal that if this behavior did not stop I would find out where he lived and send my grandchildren into his street to behave in the same way. At the same time I would tell his neighbors why they were there and what they were doing there………………………..the attacks on the empty houses stopped.

Now, you may feel this story has nothing to do with Southern heritage, ( and you’re right), but it reminded me of what happened a few years ago in the mid-West. A fellow SCV member told me that in a local cemetery were buried some Confederate soldiers and some black soldiers from WW2. Stars and stripes grave marker flags flew besides the WW2 vets graves and battleflags beside the Confederates. Then, suddenly, the battleflags started to vanish. A local SCV member was told that as long as people placed Confederate flags, they would be removed. Some activist in a black persons’ veterans group was responsible. I was asked how did I think the issue could be resolved ( after all the black WW2 veterans were heroes too)….an interesting situation. I first thought that all black flags should be placed beside the CS graves. Black flag = no surrender /no quarter, but then I thought that this may not be appropriate for every regular soldiers grave. Then I came upon the solution, I told my mid-west associate that he should remove all the stars and stripes flags, and then politely tell the black veterans group by letter, that he was so concerned at the theft of flags in the cemetery, he was going to continue to remove all flags for safe keeping to prevent their theft…Both flags now fly undisturbed in the cemetery.

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June 13, 2002

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