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WELL…………….this brings us to the end of our newsletter no 5. This is meant to be an informal way of letting you know how we are getting on here in the UK, in respect of preserving Southern Heritage, especially as regards our grave marking project.

Remember that a contribution of only fourteen dollars and fifty cents will provide a grave marker for CS soldier or sailor buried here. If you are interested in the preservation of Southern heritage in Britain, please visit our www site at, also, please feel free to e-mail us personally, our e-addresses are John Collier, who can be contacted at or our British Commander, Tony Jones, who is at . We promise to respond to every e-mail we receive. We have never failed to answer a mail yet, either electronic or snail! We also have details on many Confederates buried here. These men served all states and branches of the armed service. If we can provide you with any information that you require, just ask.

The last four newsletters have been very well received, far more so than we expected. If you feel you would like to have a go at being the subject for our ‘readers answers’ feature, we would be pleased to hear from you ……otherwise we may have to ASK you ,and its better to jump than be pushed !

We will leave you with this one last thought ….a quarter of a million men, tens of thousands of them British born, died in an attempt to gain independence for the land that was theirs. If we should forget their sacrifice, what sort of people would we have become?…………………………….

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February 13, 2002

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